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What makes Cuppa Spice Different

We're here to revolutionize your daily ritual


A new ritual

Nikki's mission is to bring ancient, global wisdom to the modern home by creating elixirs inspired by blends and teas from around the world. 

In many cultures people have daily rituals of sitting together with a hot drink: morning coffee, high tea, fikka, cacao ceremonies, hygge, sharing a mate gourd...the list goes on.

Nikki's Cuppa Spice Co offers new rituals inspired by old ones with a focus on health, that's why Cuppa Spices are free of caffeine, gluten, sweeteners, dairy, and fillers.

A better business

Our goal is to improve the lives of people and the planet through ethical and healthful practices. We strive to continue to build more sustainable and ethical practices as we grow. 

Nikki's Cuppa Spice Co values ethical business practices and quality ingredients. Cuppas are made with spices that are grown sustainably and sourced straight from farmers. Our spices are of the highest quality for the best taste and all the health benefits.

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